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Password Generators

One previously lost feature of several mid-2000s Tamagotchi versions was the ability to enter passwords to unlock new items and earn Gotchi Points. When Tamatown closed down in 2013, these passwords became unobtainable and as such so did many of the exclusive items they would unlock.

In late 2019 I managed to crack the V3 and V4 item password algorithms, and this was followed on by the V4 logout password system in 2022. Generators for each of these password types are linked below.



V3 - V4 Item Passwords

Used to obtain item and souvenir passwords on Tamagotchi Connection V3, V4 and V4.5.


V4 Login Passwords

Used to obtain logout codes for Gotchi Points on Tamagotchi Connection V4 and V4.5.

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