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With the release of Tamagotchi Connection V3, passwords became a regular feature of the Tamagotchi Connection series. Upon the shut down of Tamatown, however, players became locked out of the password systems on the V3, the V4 and the Music Star - nobody was able to determine how these passwords were generated. These passwords remained a mystery until I cracked the V3 / V4 item passwords nearly seven years later, in 2019, followed on by the V4 logout passwords in 2022.

On this page, I've provided not only a working password generator, but also documentation on how these passwords are even generated in the first place. Enjoy!


V3 / V4 Item Passwords

Click here to go to the V3 / V4 / V4.5 item password generator, to obtain items and souvenirs.

V4 Logout Passwords

Click here to go to the V4 / V4.5 logout password generator, to earn Gotchi Points.


Click here to see which password types are yet to be cracked, and to see how these password systems work. (Currently WIP).

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